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Regular, 1932… from Bangor, PA

F-12, 1934, from NY, with mower

F-12, 1937, from NY, with cultivators F-12, parts… from Wisconsin

F-14, 1939… from E. T. James, with Single-Bottom Mechanical Lift Plow

F-14, 1939… from Bartholomew's, Benson

F-20, 1935… from Illinois, with Road Gear

F-20, 1939… from Walker James & Family, Orwell, with platform on back

F-20, 1939… from WI, with mounted McCormick Model 2M 2-row Corn Picker

F-20… from Stamford, VT, with Road Gear

Cub, '48-49, with Mower

Cub, 1948, with Model 1000 Loader

Super C, 1952… from Castleton

Super C, 1952… from Bangor, PA, with Mounted Corn Planter

100, with Snow Plow, originally from Orwell

200, with Back Blade

… McCormick-Deerings

10-20, 1932… from Benson, maybe Sawmill, now with #20 Mowing Machine

10-20, parts… from Bartholomew’s, Benson, source of #20 Mowing Machine

10-20, 1939… from Shoreham, with dual rims (+ two parts tractors)

22-36, 1929… from Manchester, VT, with Cab

… Fordson, parts… from Sudbury, source of unidentified Mowing Machine


Soil & Planting Equipment

1-Bottom Mechanical Lift Plow, on ‘39 F-14

Dearborn 1950-51 2-Bottom Plow

2-Bottom Plow … from Bridport

2-Row Corn Planter, on Super C

Cultivators, on '37 F-12

Cultivators, 3 other sets

Dearborn, 2-Bottom Mounted Plow, '50-'51 … from E. C. James, Shoreham

International 2-Bottom Trailer Plow… from K. Mohan, Brandon

John Deere 2-way Sulky Plow… from Greenfield, NY

John Deere Harrows… from E. C. James, Shoreham

International 1930's-'40's Spreader, wooden… from Hinesburg

International 1930's-'40's Spreader, metal… from Hinesburg

John Deere Propel-Feed Lime Spreader, 50's… from K. Mohan, Brandon

Minneapolis-Moline Grain Drill, 1940's… C. L. Forgue’s father, via Torrey’s, Bridport

Harvesting Equipment

Desjardins Ltee, #10 Thresher… from Quebec via R. Fournier

Horse-drawn Hay Press

International #20 Mowing Bar… from Bartholomew’s, Benson, on ’32 10-20

Mower… from Wisconsin, on ‘32 Regular

Mowing Bar… from Farmall Fix, on '37 F-12

Mowing Machines, 3 sets for parts

Cockshutt, Reaper-Binder… from Quebec via R. Fournier

Deering/New Ideal Horsedrawn Mowing Machine… from Greenfield, NY

J. I. Case Hay Loader… from K. Mohan, Brandon

Hay Loader… from E. T. James, Shoreham

International Corn Binder… from K. Mohan, Brandon

International Dump Rake, '39-40… from E. T. James, Shoreham

International Side Delivery Rake, '40's… from E. T. James, Shoreham

International Side Delivery Rake, '40's… from C. L. Forgues

Johnston Harvester Grain Reaper, 1900's… from Greenfield, NY

New Idea Delivery Rake, 1932

Papec 1930s-40s Blower/Ensilage Cutter… from K. Mohan, Brandon

Sickle Bar, for Shaw

Hesston, Self-Propelled Mower… in use by E. C. James, Shoreham

The Early Days Collection...

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